Monday, October 22, 2012

Rags to Riches

I have a bathroom that has red, white and blue wallpaper.  Rather than start over for budget sake, I decided to go with it.  I wanted more of the primitive feel so I decided to use red polka dots and blue starts.  I found fabric at Walmart and got 2 yards of each.  I then cut the fabric into one inch strips and only about 1/2 cut at the fold to tear them into strips with the fraying. 
I then added the strips onto the rod with alternating red and blue.
Love the look. It's a shower curtain valance! 
Then added the finishing touches....
An upside down towl rack repurposed for a magazine rack with a touch of red, white and blue hearts.
Bright red towels finish that wall off.
Above the toilet I found an old box with two knobs on it and tied the strips to them in bows. Added a bit of the frayed material to drape over the sides and a beaded doily underneath.  Then found another old doily and draped it over the front.  Added a small bottle, a perfume bottle stuffed with the scraps of material, a red, white and blue star, a red bottle found at a thrift store and the confederate and american flag found at local antique store.  Then added a stack of red, white and blue star boxes to teh counter and two blue towels.  This completed my little bathroom!