Friday, September 28, 2012

Vintage Kitchen

I just love the look of vintage items and how people use them in their decor.
I came across this picture on Pinterest and just love the red and white decor in this tiny kitchen.

I just love the red and white, the checkered rug and the cherries sign. I especially love the shelf surround to give more space.

I started collecting bits of red to put in my kitchen. I think it really adds a great color pop regardless of what type of kitchen or what color the kitchen is.

This is some vintage pieces I have found and grouped on top of my frig.
As you can see, my kitchen is painted a turquiose blue and the red works. I also have a small collection of roosters and gnomes on top of my cabinets.

It's a bit of unexpected whimsy. I loved painting the vintage gnome greenware a good friend of mine had. That way I got to paint them the colors I wanted to match my kitchen!

Lastly I used a chandelier I found at an antique shop.  Not so much that it was an antique but because of the wood and black iron just really gave me a warm feeling.  I added a small black bird I found and I'm looking for little red checkered shades to finish the look.
I'd love to see pics of your vintage finds and how you incorporated them into your kitchen!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Vintage Halloween

Was searching for vintage Halloween images and thought I'd share with you. carries so many wonderful images you will need to check it out!

Here are some others to use for your holiday party invites...

Then what would Halloween be without the Great Pumpkin?

Enjoy and remember to stay safe!

New Passion for Oil Painting

I've been taking oil painting classes since January and I've learned a lot. Mostly not to be afraid to try!  I'm amazed at the method I have been taught and found to have fast results. Still a long way to learn and perfect but quite pleased with the beginnings!  At least I'm not longer afraid to take that first brush stroke!

The method was taught to me by Dominic Vignola www.oilpaintingwithoutdrawing  He is a very good teacher and has a method of tonal painting that is incredible.  Check out his site for a complete explanation of the method.

I am going to play around with the technique and develope my style and hopefully create lovely paintings for others!

Here are some of my paintings..