Sunday, April 21, 2013

Felicity the Cat

This is Felicity the Cat.
And because Felicity is going to my granddaughter's home to be loved by Gracie, Felicity will be the happiest cat ever!

Felicity was born (felted) April 20th, 2013.
She has pretty blue eyes, is grey with white tipped paws and tail.
Felicity also has black stripes and a cute pink nose.

She even has the cutest pink collar with a pretty pink bow!
She is about 2 inches tall and just a fuzzy little cat to love!

Altered Bottles

I love little bottles.
I love their shapes and their prettiness.
I've been wanting to do something with my collection but What?
Then I saw some altered bottles. Oooooh I must do that!

What I love most about doing things like this is giving each item a personality.
Once you start dressing them up they pretty much tell you what they need and when they are done!

Here are two of my nest creations.
It's a start!

This little bottle is so pretty with its little design at the bottom in the glass. I added some old lace an lace applique and some pearls. 
Need to find a stopper, wax it on and fill it up with some glitter.

Next - shhh it's a surprise for my sister. She just loves fairy tales and stars. 
When you wish upon a star....

I found the star and the stopper at a Goodwill shop! Great find!
I added some beading around the top rim then added pearls on top of the ribbon.
I glued long crystals to the bottom of the stopper so they dangle in the jar.  I filled the bottom of the star with none other than magical pixie dust (glitter)!
I need to find a Tinkerbell or Pinochio to put on top of the stopper and it will be done! I think she will love it!

Now on to the rest of my collection!

The Garden Girls

I fell in love with a similar version of these at a show and have been dying to make them myself.  It has taken me quite some time and few bucks to find all the pieces that would work together and I finally had enough to bring these girls to life!  I call them My Garden Girls!  I think they had a fantastic day out watering and gathering flowers!

Completely made with vintage flea market finds, ribbons and bows and flowers!
Meet the group....

Now let me introduce you to each girl.

First we have Sally.

Sally loves birds and flowers. 
She has them on her dress and in her basket.
The neat thing about Sally is her lid opens up for you to store your secret treasures!

Next is Miss Potter.
She is my favorite.

She has a pretty wavey little skirt, adorns pearls and carries a watering can.
She is a simple joy!

Then we have Trixie.
She is stout but no doubt just adorable.

Trixie also carries a watering can and she loves flowers and pearls also.

Meet Sylvia.

Sylvia is a little undressed without her hat.
But that can easily be fixed.  Fill her little teapot with fresh cut flowers and she will surely smile!

Last but not least is Julia.

Julia just loves dress up! She has her pearls, her crystals and her pretty floral bow. She caries her cute little bucket filled with pretty pink flowers to match her bow!

I just loved making the girls. I think I will have to make some more!

Tell me what you think of the girls!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oil Painting with a Vintage Flare

I love the look of those old black and white or sepia colored photos from the early 1900's. Recreating photos in photoshop can be a challenge to capture the right aged look. 

In learning how to oil paint with the tonal method, I fell in love with the process of starting a painting.  
To me it was exactly the vintage look I tried to recreate in Photoshop.  

What I love about this is these oil paintings are one of a kind and created by hand, with love and tenderness.
Let me know what you think.

This painting started out as a rub out. 
By turning the photo upside down and rubbing out the highlights
begins the process of capturing the innocence of this little tyke.
Once the rub out is dry it is easy to then fill in the tones with a big brush.
I just love this process!

This reminds me of some gentlemen possibly getting his photo taken just before boarding his yacht for a night of dancing and dining with his elite friends.
This too started upside down!  

New Found Hobby - Needle Felting

I have found a new passion!
This craft is called needle felting. Using 100% wool and very, very sharp needles I can create little tiny miniature creatures!

I made this little guy for LeeAnn, my granddaughter.
She named him Alfred.

This little pony was a special request from my granddaughter, Madison.
She wanted a pink horse!

My daughter, Brittany loves ducks 
so she was very excited to see this little guy coming her way.

My daughter, Cristina, loves dogs.
This was my very first attempt at the craft.
No doubt, I'm hooked!
One piece at a time, this little guy was created
with tender loving care!

Thanks to for sharing their works on Pinterest and Facebook which inspired me to try this wonderful craft.