Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Garden Girls

I fell in love with a similar version of these at a show and have been dying to make them myself.  It has taken me quite some time and few bucks to find all the pieces that would work together and I finally had enough to bring these girls to life!  I call them My Garden Girls!  I think they had a fantastic day out watering and gathering flowers!

Completely made with vintage flea market finds, ribbons and bows and flowers!
Meet the group....

Now let me introduce you to each girl.

First we have Sally.

Sally loves birds and flowers. 
She has them on her dress and in her basket.
The neat thing about Sally is her lid opens up for you to store your secret treasures!

Next is Miss Potter.
She is my favorite.

She has a pretty wavey little skirt, adorns pearls and carries a watering can.
She is a simple joy!

Then we have Trixie.
She is stout but no doubt just adorable.

Trixie also carries a watering can and she loves flowers and pearls also.

Meet Sylvia.

Sylvia is a little undressed without her hat.
But that can easily be fixed.  Fill her little teapot with fresh cut flowers and she will surely smile!

Last but not least is Julia.

Julia just loves dress up! She has her pearls, her crystals and her pretty floral bow. She caries her cute little bucket filled with pretty pink flowers to match her bow!

I just loved making the girls. I think I will have to make some more!

Tell me what you think of the girls!