Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Oil Painting with a Vintage Flare

I love the look of those old black and white or sepia colored photos from the early 1900's. Recreating photos in photoshop can be a challenge to capture the right aged look. 

In learning how to oil paint with the tonal method, I fell in love with the process of starting a painting.  
To me it was exactly the vintage look I tried to recreate in Photoshop.  

What I love about this is these oil paintings are one of a kind and created by hand, with love and tenderness.
Let me know what you think.

This painting started out as a rub out. 
By turning the photo upside down and rubbing out the highlights
begins the process of capturing the innocence of this little tyke.
Once the rub out is dry it is easy to then fill in the tones with a big brush.
I just love this process!

This reminds me of some gentlemen possibly getting his photo taken just before boarding his yacht for a night of dancing and dining with his elite friends.
This too started upside down!