Sunday, April 21, 2013

Altered Bottles

I love little bottles.
I love their shapes and their prettiness.
I've been wanting to do something with my collection but What?
Then I saw some altered bottles. Oooooh I must do that!

What I love most about doing things like this is giving each item a personality.
Once you start dressing them up they pretty much tell you what they need and when they are done!

Here are two of my nest creations.
It's a start!

This little bottle is so pretty with its little design at the bottom in the glass. I added some old lace an lace applique and some pearls. 
Need to find a stopper, wax it on and fill it up with some glitter.

Next - shhh it's a surprise for my sister. She just loves fairy tales and stars. 
When you wish upon a star....

I found the star and the stopper at a Goodwill shop! Great find!
I added some beading around the top rim then added pearls on top of the ribbon.
I glued long crystals to the bottom of the stopper so they dangle in the jar.  I filled the bottom of the star with none other than magical pixie dust (glitter)!
I need to find a Tinkerbell or Pinochio to put on top of the stopper and it will be done! I think she will love it!

Now on to the rest of my collection!