Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to Strip Furniture

I hate stripping paint off of furniture - BUT - I found some amazing stuff that isn't that bad and a few tricks I learned along the way made it really easy.

I found a headboard for sale on Craigs List and when I went to look at it the guy had the whole set, dresser and two night stands on his trailer. They were sadly painted black and white with an obvious failed attempt.  I asked if I could purchase them also and he looked surprised but said sure and they were mine!

I went to Lowes and purchased this stripper...

Water based! and very little chemical smell.
I also purchased the necessary tools...

1. old rag
1. green final scrubbing pad
1. paint brush
1. glass bowl
1. putty knife
1. stripping brush
1. drop cloth
1. Dawn dish soap
1. lots of water

Then I got my furniture and placed all on drop cloth.
This is what the set looked like...

At least the whole thing was not covered, but enough to take a awhile.

First you put on the gel stripper with the paint brush. Put enough on that you can see it sitting on the paint. If you don't put enough on and dont get everywhere you will know when you go to scrape it off.  No worries, you can always put more and redo.  Let it sit according to directions.  This one only took 5 minutes!

Then take the putty knive and scrape off the paint. For the hard to get to areas use the stripper brush.
There will be some paint left, no worries! 

After I got all the paint off I could using the tools, here is what I did that basically washed the rest away...

Take the final stripper pad and get it wet - wet. Put a dab of Dawn on it and then with little pressure wipe it all over the piece.  Then go back over it like you were scouring a pan. With very little scrubbing the rest just wiped off!  Be sure to use water to make the suds!  The water will not hurt the peice because you immediately use your rag and get it wet, wringed out, to wipe all the suds and remaining paint right off!

It was amazing!  Of course I had black goopy stuff all over the drop cloth and on me so be careful where you sit and stand!

The end result netted me a whole bedroom set for $150!!!  Can't beat that!