Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Welcome Spring! New Painting Project

New Project! A Welcome Chair. In this case it is for Spring but welcome's anyone to your cute house porch! 

First I found an old chair at an antique store and got it for a steal due to the missing rattan in the center - Perfect for me! It was brown but I painted it white as shown below.

I had a bunch of flowers from another purchase. 

What I did was cut out a piece of burlap that was big enough to hold the flowers in a bundle and inserted it into the hole in the chair, stapled it in place and now the chair is full of beautiful flowers. You can see the burlap in the underside of the chair.

Then I took the orbital sander and removed a bit of the paint to give it that old worn look.

Now its time to paint the Welcome. I used acrylic paints and just used a pencil to draw out what I wanted to say. Then applied the paints.

Now, I don't like things to look so perfect and new, so I took the sander and went over the paint once it was dry of course. Then I took some of the white paint and went over the paint and removed areas with a damp paper towel until I was satisfied with the look.

Now for the final view - Welcome Spring!