Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Trip to Paso Robles Antique Mall

We had a fantastic time shopping in Paso for my birthday. Two full days of shopping and a Free Birthday dinner at a local Mexican restaraunt. Yummm.
One of the stores we went to see was the Cottage Antiques. So very pretty. The owner was very obliging about me taking pictures. She was just delightful!
The shop was full of my kind of look, cottage, garden and just so much fun!
We all loved this dresser with the two tones of white and turquoise. Every so shabby and chippy!

My sister fell in love with the old box springs with the Garden Sign and see packets attached. She is on the hunt for one to do in her garden.
I fell in love with this black eterege. Very french and very ornate. I liked that it was so slender and perfect for a hallway or entry way.  Wish I could have taken it back with me to Chicago - oh well, maybe I'll find one here.
There was such a cute display with vintage easter items. I love the look of that old crates add to displays. Different levels give the eyes so much to look at.
We also went to a very cute Antique mall down the street which was my other sister's favorite. A few things that were picture worthy for perhaps a chance to create later...
Loved this look on an old aluminum tray. We spent the rest of the afternoon looking for aluminum trays with lots of character and style.  Keep checking for the how to on this later!
I fell in love with this cute short knitted scarf I loved the little buttons, and thought it made the piece very tres chic!  I think I'll attempt a crocheted version.

Lastly, we found this cute little rag lamp and thought it would work perfectly on a shade my sister had that needed some help. We found a few later with the entire shade covered with the rag strips. It was very pretty too!

Well that's all the pics I took on our great shopping trips! 
Every where I go I try to search out the local antique malls and crafty shops. I'll be sure to share them with you!