Friday, October 24, 2014

Drawing Fantasy

I recently purchased the book How to draw & paint Fairyland by Linda Ravenscroft. I was drawn to all the impish characters and the complete array of drawings to incorporate in a fairyland. Everything from homes, castles, gnomes, imps, fairies, dragson, etc. You name it - it was there!

So I decided to try my hand at a few drawings today since I've been under the weather and trying to take it easy (not easy for me to do).

My first go around was using a picture of a tree that I had captured on a walk not to long ago.

Here is what I drew from this inspiring old tree...

I drew the hobit house in the big hole and made steps that go up into it. 
Next, I wanted to try a fairy. Now mind you, drawing faces is pretty new to me and I have not had any classes on structure (which I need badly). 

I was pretty happy with my first rough draft. I did better than I thought I would but still have a long way to go!
Ok so moving on!  
My kitty decided to curl up on my lap so I quickly drew a sketch of her cuz I love her sooo much!  She staid still long enough for me to capture the top half of her dozing off so I improvised on the bottom half...

I imagined her dreaming of all these fun little creatures!
There was one drawing in the book that I really think is so cute so I tried that next. Never mind the princess, gotta work on those lips ha ha.

I just think that little frog prince is so cute!
Then I decided to draw some more houses. Put the faces to rest for a bit.
I like the little town of mushrooms so I drew that. I want to try to make one more holidayish next but first, learn to draw them.

That was a lot of fun! 
For my last drawing I attempted, yes, another face. This time I did it very loosely and tried very hard not to get hung up in perfection as I usually do. I think she turned out pretty good - at least I am happy with her!

I think the one eye on the right is up too high so I will have to make an adjustment and give it another go!

Well that is all I did for today!  What do you think?