Friday, February 18, 2011

New Booth

We just moved to Chicago and my trips to the antique malls leaves me missing Florida already. Not that they don't have great antiques, but the just don't decorate thier booths like we did in Florida.  Well that has to change and who do you think is the one to do it? Why me of course! If nothing else I seem to be a trendsetter. ha ha

So I got a new booth and began with a complete overhaul with paint of course. A nice coat of warm sand on all the walls, the bottom of the trellis, and the floor.

I can't wait to get in there and start decorating! I need to tone down the windows a bit and I got these great thermo drapes from Target on clearance before I left! They are gold and I think will look very tres chic. I also love that little built in shelf unit. I have been wanting to create little vintage bud vases and with a lace curtain behind I think that will be just the spot! 

Here are a few pics of what I intend to bring in to the shop with a lot more unpacking still yet to do. My booth will be full in no time!

Wonderful old door my hubby turned into a hall tree. I love it!

Some of my treasures. The house is too small so I have to part with them. So sad.

Check back on the progress of getting the shop up and running and later I'll be selling via internet so definately stay tuned!

The new shop is located here: