Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vintage Valentines

Valentines day was a big day at school. I remember the week before we would use our arts and crafts time to bring in a shoe box and take all the lovely construction paper and heart doilies to decorate our box. Then on that very special day we would collect up all our cards and hoard them in that prized box and show all our friends just how many we got and all the special little ones from special friends that meant so much.
Remember these great little Valentine cards when you were a kid?  Boy Valentines day was always so much fun for me. I just loved getting the boxes filled with these little cuties and coming home and sorting them out one by one as to who would be the luck recipient.  I took my time and wrote very neatly their name and my name on the back. Carefully sealed up the envelope and wrote their name on the front. Then I'd anxiously wait for the day at school when we could pass them out.

I remember that some were so corny - ha ha pun intended! I saved those for the kids that I did know very well. Seemed appropriate and very logical at the time.

Then there were those card specific kinds. They would only fit one person in the class. The cowboy type, the girl who only wore pink, the boy that loved rockets and so on.
Then you had those risky ones that, if you dare, you would reveal your feelings to someone as a tester. It was fun to see the boys blush at some of these cute little cards.
Then you had the nuetral valentine. This would work for anyone. It was a good thing too. I had lots of platonic friends and didn't need for anything to be misinterpreted.  See I told you I took a lot of time considering the recipients of these little beauties!

Last but not least, there was the one mushy gushy card. Oh how I adored that one. I held it to my heart and dreamed of a big beautiful wedding some day, my knight in shining armor at my side and all the little people bowing with flowers laid at our feet. OK so I was 8 now I know better!

Well, I hope the everyone out there has a special Valentine that they take the time to either buy or create that special little Valentine card for and that it puts a smile on both your faces!

Happy Valentines Day!