Thursday, December 16, 2010

Frosty and Friends

So the other night, my grandaughter and I went painting. I decided to paint a great big snowman with two penguins hanging from his arms.  My grandaughter put on the first two coats of white and gave up so I finished up the rest. 

We were about 5 hours into painting, she got tired so went to lay down and I continued determined to get this guy finished and not to mention that me and the shop owner, Cathy were having a blast sharing stories as we always do.

So it is 11:00 pm and it is raining and ugly outside. All of a sudden it starts to howl and you could hear either sleet or hail pounding outside. Cathy yells, Tornado! Yikes, scared the living daylights out of me.

I woke up LeeAnn and we all ran for the bathroom.  All I could think about is Oh NO I left frosty sitting on the table and I had just finished him!

Well, the storm went just past us and down another street. Yes, it was tornado and it wiped out a mobile home park. We were lucky.

Anyways, here's FROSTY and Friends...