Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Lesson 1 - Part 2: Paint a Kitchen Table Vintage Flamingo

Finally got the table top home to paint. First I sanded it to knock off all blemishes and make it smooth. I also like the shabby look so I exposed some of the wood beneath. Then I washed it down with soap and water and a good scrubbing. I'm not afraid to use water on wood as long as it does not sit on it for long and the wood is solid.

Then I prepared my paints. I used the same colors as the legs but really wanted a more subdued look so as not to take away from anything that would be placed on the table such as a centerpiece or dishes.I found a great picture of a clam shell on Google Images and I referenced it to draw the basic shape on the table using a drawing pencil.  I used a palete with each cup filled with water. I used about two drops of each paint in the cups and stirred them up good.  I used a wash to lay down the foundation of the shell and then went back with just paint to do more detail. 

When it was done, I was not quite happy with the starkness of the design so I waited until it was dry and took a damp wash cloth and scrubbed off what I could to make the design look faded and chippy.  I love it! It has that vintage look and matches the legs now.  I also used a grey sealer/primer over the paint to give it a wash effect and also used it on the legs for a uniform look.

Once I get the table and legs all put together I will post the finished look as well as post the video with the how to do it!