Monday, August 23, 2010

Lesson 1 - Part 1: Paint a Kitchen Table Vintage Flamingo

I started a new project tonight. I had this great solid wood kitchen table that is white on pine. A bit shabby from years of use and abuse but very good solid wood piece.  The legs have lots of grooves and great shapes for painting. I was inspired to paint it for a beach condo being so close to Pensacola Beach, FL. I found a great pair of vintage flamingos recently in a thrift shop so I decided to use those colors for my inspiration.

1st step, clean the legs. Scrubby with a bit of dish soap and water. Dry and that's it! Now onto the paint. I use acrylic paints that can be found at Michaels or Hobby Lobby even Walmart carries a few colors.
I chose to mix two of the colors so I had to be sure to mix enough for 3 coats so as not to run out. Too much is better than two little. I usually have a few small things to paint nearby so I can easily throw a couple coats on those with the left overs.

I added the paint to the legs and will put a polyurathane coating on top when thoroughly dried. I like to wait at least 24 hours or more to be sure it is completely dry. Next I will tackle the top of the table.
Take a look at my progress so far...

Check back for complete video instructions when the project is completed!